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Nuna muziko:yeahyeahyeahs
Subject:Arms out, she doesn't exist
Nuna humoro:sicksick
Time:03:12 pm
I put limitations on myself
to see if I could break them
or if I was too far broken
To surpass the chains I locked

Is it any wonder why the world cries
blood and sweat for those we hate
you passionately pray that we'll survive
and all the while your loved ones mocked

Every morning the light gets brighter
and the darkness leaves you cold turkey
and you sweat and cry and squirm in bed
Then fall asleep and sleep till night again

You take your first meek steps into this world
when you're 44 years young
you see the light for the first time
and then the darkness for ever wins

heart attack
heart attack
heart attack

give him back
give him back
give him back
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Nuna muziko:Falling in love with love----Frank Sinatra
Subject:Babe, if I can get ravished by a fish, you can sing Tradition.
Nuna humoro:accomplishedaccomplished
Time:09:42 pm

Oops there goes a billion kilowatt van.



OOOOKAY THERE KIDS! I got bored and decided to paint an image from my dream. Problem: I had nothing to paint it on. So I painted it on a styrofoam plate, and I'm seriously gonna do more of this. It's fun. I love painting. Here are some pictures of it.


the plateCollapse )


I also got some of my Black and White bars (a play off of the ever so popular "colored bars") up on my profile. Go have a looksee willya? Tell me what you think.



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Nuna muziko:lizzy
Subject:Here's another one
Nuna humoro:blahin pain
Time:07:07 pm
I find that my life is easier when I'm passively silent.

You know those days where you wake up and your lips seem so heavy that you don't want to move them to talk, and you look at a moment and it's so beautiful, or wonderful, or humongous or something, and you want so badly to tell the person right next to you, but you just know that they can never see what you see.

The world is blind to the thoughts in your head that make everymoment what it is. So you stay silent to best enjoy it for yourself. You're selfish, but only because it's poinltess to share.

I always want everyone to see the beauty of the things I see, but they just don't get it.

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Nuna muziko:I'm feeling more alone than I ever have before
Subject:the worlds asleep and I am numb...
Nuna humoro:depressedI'm drowning slowly
Time:01:58 pm
An excerpt from my History and Geography, quoted exactly as it was said.

“Each of these nations--Germany, Italy and Japan--desired and needed a better economic situation. Each nation put heavy emphasis on it's military status. A military build-up would not be evil if it were used for good; however, these nations had an evil ulterior purpose in mind. As their needs grew, their greed also grew. The trio used their strong military power to take the things they wanted by force. With the growth of military might, an unquenchable desire for power grew also. Unfortunately, some powerful nations operate on the theory that they can simply take whatever they need or want, especially from the weak. Unlikely allies formed to create the league of nations, the only force between the trio and global communistic invasion.”

Hahaha, my history and geography thinks itself to be a suspenseful graphic novel.
It even gave the villain a dorky super group name!

Lord knows that only the power of the “league of nations” can save us now from DUN DUN DUN, THE TRIO!!!!!!!

...wait a minute............
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Nuna muziko:woooooo!
Subject:I lost my head
Time:11:28 am
Aww, I'm so cute!

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

Aren't I cute? I'm such a cute little hippie shoop. (shoop being singular for sheep...now)

Nope, you don't have a drop of english blood in your body. In fact, you're probably American ;) Y'know that little island next to France? Y'know...Europe? No? Ohwell. We love you really - have a cucumber sandwich!

How British are you?

this quiz was made by alanna


How random are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

I thought I'd get stiff non random boring persons.

Do you cluck or do you roar?

this quiz was made by alanna

come one, come all.

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Nuna muziko:snl
Time:11:51 pm
Okay. I'm going through rachels parents records.

Beatles, yellow submarine
The monkeys
the monkeys
fame soundtrack
Tommy soundtrack
Caberet soundtrack
Grease Sountrack
Carly Simon
"I Eat Kids"
the doors
Elvis Presley
German Beer Drinking Songs (seriously, thats the name)
Irish revolutionary songs
Scottish Marching songs
Annie Soundtrack
Sonny and Cher
Monty Python
Abbot and Costello
Simon and Garfunkle

and many more

it was so funny though, I don't know if you know but Rachels family is Jewish. Well, they have a bunch of Hebrew Records, they have a bunch of the ones I listed, then they had like "The sacrificed" and "Jesus Christ Superstar"

it was just funny. and really confusing.

Rachel: you gotta have the classics

in othernews
fantastic has been redeemed.


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Time:09:24 pm
Yes, I am making a statement....
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Nuna muziko:take a guess
Subject:POTO (say it)
Nuna humoro:accomplishedaccomplished
Time:02:15 pm
I just finished listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack or POTO. It's fantatstic. I can't wait to steal it from Zach long enough to put on my computer. I'm going to always be in that soundtrack. Always be in that world.

I've always loved that music, but it's officially turned into an obsession. I've loved the POTO since I was 9.

What more is there to say? Except to hope for a better world.

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Nuna muziko:washedaway-joepurdy
Subject:you should see the one where you think he's JS
Time:03:22 am


awwwwwww That's what every boyfriend should aspire to look like.


Skye, recognize?

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Nuna muziko:the simpsons
Subject:now my cheekbones love me
Nuna humoro:highhigh
Time:09:54 pm
"Skye, smell this!"
Skye: um...
Just smell it!
(skye sniffs the marker)
(Skye sniffs the marker again)
(and again)
(and again)
"Okay it's our turn now!"
yeah give it back
(reluctantly Skye gives the marker back)
(I sniff it)
(I sniff it again)
(I sniff it again)
Beth put it down.
"But it smells so good!"
See? I know! But it's my turn!
"okay fine"
(Rachel sniffs it)
(Rachel sniffs it again)
(Rachel sniffs it again)
Skye: Rachel stop!
"Yeah, give it back to me!"
(I take it, sniff it)
"Okay it's time to put it down."
(I put it back in the tub, say something to Skye)
Skye: Rachel put it down!
(look back, Rachel is huddled in a small ball sniffing the marker)
"Rachel! Put it back!"
Skye: Guys it's my turn, I haven't had it as much as you!
"Okay fine"
(we give it to Skye)
(Skye sniffs)
(Skye sniffs more)
(Skye sniffs again)
"Okay Skye, give it back to us now"
Skye: No!
(Rachel and I leap for the marker, Skye runs away)
"Get back here!"
(We chase her through the house, then find her on Gabe's bed in the dark sniffing the marker)
We can share the marker, Skye!
(we approach...skye retreats further onto the bed...we leap..Rachel turns the light on, we leap AGAIN)
"Skye, give us the marker!"
Skye: NO!
(we are all huddled on Gabe's bed grabbing at the marker, sniffing it, I get the marker and vacate the room)
"Bwahahahahaaha! OH!"
(Rachel tackles me)
"Rachel no!"
I want the marker!
(We go outside, not easily I might add, Rachel really wanted that marker, we're on the lawn and come up with a share plan, I sniff/she breaths, she sniffs/I breath ...it was beautiful brain cell killer mania...then we went inside...now I have a headache...the likes of which you cannot imagine unless you frantically sniffed marker while running for God's life away from other marker junkies)



Skye: "Skye:=Osama Bin Laden...dumbass, if you need a key for this one then you need to put down the marker and rebuild brain cells"
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